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Myers Engineering International, Inc. (MEI) is a Florida licensed Professional Engineering Firm and a Manufacturer specializing in the development and production of Specialty and Custom Antennas and Radio Communications related Electronics and Systems. It was created by Mr. Myers, President and CEO, in 1990, while he was pursuing his Ph.D. in Electromagnetics, as an outlet for his lifelong passion for Antennas and Radio. As a result of much hard work, dedication and devotion by Dr. Myers, MEI employees and close Contractors, MEI today is in its 21st year, growing Antenna Technology, especially in the areas of Smart Antennas and Adaptive Antennas.

MEI designs, develops and manufactures a broad spectrum of Antennas and Radio Frequency Systems and subsystems. RF Electronics developed include Low Noise Amplifiers, Diplexers & Multiplexers, Filters, Power Splitters & Combiners, Block Converters, Receivers, Transmitters and RF quiet Microcontroller and Digital circuits. We currently serve the full RF spectrum of 100 kHz to 26 GHz.


Custom Antenna Development
Radios & RF Electronics
Wireless Communications Systems
RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies
RF Connectors
DSP Software Services

In addition to Antennas and RF Electronics, MEI can help your firm plan, design, integrate and implement Small, Medium and Wide Area Communications Systems. Our services include Real Time firmware and software development and implementation.

For additional information about MEI contact Information, for a quotation contact Sales, should you wish to see samples of our more conventional antennas, we welcome you to visit our Store at antennas.us .

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Myers Engineering International (MEI) specialize in multi-function/multi-mission adaptive antennas, and out-of-the-ordinary Antenna requirements.
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