Antenna Types

  • Dipole
  • Monopole (or Vertical)
  • Loop (or Magnetic Dipole)
  • Embedded, Integral and Concealed Antennas
  • Biconical, Bowtie and Discone
  • Spirals and Conical Arrays
  • Turnstile (or Crossed Dipoles)
  • Helix, Volute and Quadrifilar Helix
  • Horn
  • Slot
  • Patch, Microstrip and Band-Aid (Wrap-around)
  • Miniature and Small Antennas
  • Traveling Wave and Wire Antennas
  • Driven Phased Arrays (Collinear, Franklin, Curtain, Linear or 1D, Circular, 2D & 3D)
  • Yagi-Uda and other Parasitic Phased Arrays (Loop, Slot, Microstrip and Hybrid Arrays)
  • Log Periodic Arrays
  • Reflector Backed Arrays (Corner Reflector, Dish, Patch Arrays, etc.)
  • Multiple Polarization Antennas
  • Polarization and Spatially Diverse Antennas
  • Lens and Radome Modified Antennas
  • Adaptive and Intelligent Antenna Systems
  • Antenna Ground Structures

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